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Karmin covers "Wonderland" at the Jingle Ball NYC!

Grant was one of the winners of the Z100 Jingle Ball Unwasted Weekend contest in which his song, Wonderland, was covered by the recent American Music Award-winning Youtube sensation music duo, Karmin! Grant, flown out to NYC to take part in the Jingle Ball celebration, is pictured here with Karmin and his sister, Kelly.

Justine Dorsey Showcase at S.I.R. Studios, Hollywood

Justine Dorsey performed an enchanting showcase in Hollywood at S.I.R. studios on Sunset Blvd. The capacity crowd heard her new material for the first time, played by Justine and her new band. It was an awesome evening.

Grant Davis featured on NPR

Creative endeavors can be an important outlet for those trying to overcome an addiction, and the strategy also works for those dealing with a loved one's addiction.

Fifteen-year-old Grant Davis has been involved in music for 5 years. He took up singing when his sister's drug use started taking over his family life. "I needed a way to cope," Davis told Shots.

Read the entire article here:

1/2 Million Youtube Views!

On the day of its release, "Breakup Song" was the 3rd most-viewed music video, topped only by Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber!

Get Ready To Rock

We're super excited about our upcoming music project with a major animation studio. We were able to design a show based around and starring three of our own artists and it's not reality TV. We're not allowed to say anything more just yet, but we'll be sure to keep you in the loop when we are ready to spill the beans. Join our page on Facebook for Next Level updates.

Justine Dorsey Nominated

Next Level's very own Justine Dorsey received the nomination for "Best New Singer/Songwriter of 2010" from the LA Music Awards. Awards curator, Al Bowman, stated on stage during the ceremony that his team went through over 10,000 substandard submissions before being blown away by Justine's. We're proud to be a part of Justine's team!



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Justine Dorsey Takes Off

Justine Dorsey is an amazing performer and musician whose path we first crossed when she was 7 years old. Even then we could tell she was especially talented. 5 years later we met again and she was ready to start her music career. We are currently in development with a major American media company on a television show based around Justine, and are working with Levity Entertainment to expand Justine Dorsey's brand worldwide.


What We Like

Ingrid Michaelson gets it. We are fans of the Music 2.0 thinking behind the strategy and success of indie music artist Ingrid Michaelson. From her inauspicious beginnings with her own Cabin 24 label to multiple song placements on Grey's Anatomy, to world tours with Smashmouth, Ingrid is the perfect model for the modern music artist.


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